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We at Insurance Transcription take pride in our work. We value every clients need for quality, confidentiality and value.

My promise to you - I assure personal service, timely responses and value in every project we do!

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    •  Word Processing from typed and
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    •  Notary Public Services for the
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Insurance & Legal Transcription Services
Transcription Arizona's Insurance Transcription provides fast and accurate Transcription Services for the insurance industry as well as the legal and other professional industries. We offer an affordable Insurance Transcription Services with your deadline in mind!

Although we specialize in “interview type” insurance transcription we also transcribe other venues – dictation, business meetings, conference calls, professional documents, etc. Our insurance transcription is performed in the United States guaranteeing you the quality you deserve, comprehension of your subject matter and complete confidentiality of your insurance transcripts the first time.

We offer several methods to receive your recordings for transcription, including our FTP Digital Upload option, and our Dial-In Dictation service.

We charge our clients “per media minute”. That way you know exactly how much you are paying for your transcripts. Visit our Insurance Transcription Rates page for current pricing.

Rates from $0.99 per audio minute
Transcripts delivered as email attachments
Pickup / Delivery - Phoenix metro area

Insurance Transcription Services:

Insurance Transcription Styles:

  • Professional and Confidential Service
  • Transcription of Tapes (micro & standard), CD's and digital files
  • Same day, rush and non-rush turnaround available
  • Transcripts typed using Microsoft Word documents
  • Transcripts are delivered via e-mail as an attachment or on CD or diskette
  • Local pick-up and delivery (Phoenix Metro area)
  • Credit Cards accepted
  • Verbatim – all the ums, ahs, uhs, s- s- stutters, etc. are transcribed.

  • Modified Verbatim – the content of the subject matter remains the same but we "clean up" up the ums, ahs, uhs for the "interviewer" NOT the "interviewee".

  • Professional – all grammar and sentence structure is ‘cleaned up’ to provide a fully professional document.

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